Ortho Spot Welder

  • Turret with one soldering and 4 welding electrode combination.
  • Rockers switch for easy transformation from welding to soldering and vise versa.

Rotory type switch wIth progressive heat station for welding and auxillary functions.
Feather type finger switch, automatically activates the solid state circuit, releasing the welding energy
Welding with four welding stations, sharp electrodes both sides for optimum welding.
Over load protection fuse 2 amps.
Works on 220V/110V AC Current.
Output 2.5V AC Current very safe.
Insulated AC Power transformer for various welding and soldering.
Flexible soldering cable.
Annealing jack.
Foot switch welding and soldering.

DA ultrasonic Peizo Scaler

  • DA Ultrasonic Peizo Scaler specially designed in preventing and treating GingivalDiseases.
  • Our Ultrasonic Scaler comes with 5 scaling special material tips,one of which is designed to eliminate the Gum Gingival Tartar.

The hand piece is made of special Titanium alloy to ensure durability and good mechanical function.
The hand piece is easy to handle and compatible for better accesssibility and function.
Automatic frequency tracking ensures that the machine works in best frequency.
The electro-magnetic water valve controls the water flow.
The sleek water control switch made the water flow more convenient.
Power input 220V - 230V / 110 V 50Hz.
Output 24V - 50Hz / 60Hz 1.3A
Output power 3W to 20W
Frequency 30KHz +/-3KHz
Water presssure 0.01MPa, 0.5MPa

DA LED light Cure

High power LED light for fast and effective curing.
Very high intensity – 2000mw/cm2
Works with mains as well as LI-ION battery.
Charging Time : 2hrs.
Working Time : More than 100 cases.
Works in three modes : In three modes - peak,ramping and fluctuating.
SMPS Adapter to prevent current surge from 110VAC-240VAC.
Ergonomically and Aesthetically designed for easy handling and efficiency.
Working time in each mode mode
  • Peak -10 secs
  • Gradual 15 secs
  • Fluctutation 20 secs
Buzzer sound for every 3secs
Fibre optic stem comes with protector for eye protection.
2 way slide switch for working in main 230VAC and battery.

Fiber Optic Light Source

  • High power LED fibreoptic light source which works in very low current.
  • Aesthetically and Ergonomically designed for easy handling.

Works with LI-ION battery as well as mains 230VAC.
Circuit to protect LI-ION battery from overloading and over discharge.
Intensity can be varied from minimum to maximum by means of a potentiometer.
2 way slide switch for working in battery and mains.
Fibre optic insert pole suitable for any fibre optic cable.
SMPS Adapter to prevent surge current from 110VAC-240VAC.
Optional :
  • WallMount
  • Mobile Stand
Charging Time : 1hr.
Working Time : 1hr.

Spot Light

  • High power gan light source with LI-ION battery back up for scopies.
  • Weightless, thus making it handy.

Works with mains 230VAC and battery.
2 way slide awitch for battery and mains.
Holder piece comes with a thread portion for easy fixing of any scopy.
Intensity can be varied from min to max by means of potentiometer.
SMPS Adapter to prevent current surge from 110VAC to 230VAC.
Charging Time : 2hrs.
Working Time : 8-10hrs.
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